Ceriagrion citrinum Campion, 1914
Yellow Citril

Type locality: Lagos????, Nigeria


No full diagnosis of this species close to C. tricrenaticeps is presently available, but while the male is structurally similar to the species, it is easily recognised within its small range by the green head and thorax and yellow abdomen.

Habitat description

Not known well, but probably standing waters in open areas in forest. Only recorded near sea level.


confirmed: Benin; Nigeria

Appendages (dorsal view)

Appendages (lateral view)

Penis (lateral view)

Map citation: Clausnitzer, V., K.-D.B. Dijkstra, R. Koch, J.-P. Boudot, W.R.T. Darwall, J. Kipping, B. Samraoui, M.J. Samways, J.P. Simaika & F. Suhling, 2012. Focus on African Freshwaters: hotspots of dragonfly diversity and conservation concern. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 10: 129-134.


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