Family Corduliidae Selys, 1850


In its restricted sense, Corduliidae includes less than 150 species placed mostly in Eurasian and North American genera, a few tropical American groups and the predominantly Australasian genus Hemicordulia, of which a single species reaches Africa. [Adapted from Dijkstra & Clausnitzer 2014]


The only genus represented in Africa is Hemicordulia, which see for its identification.

Hemicordulia africana Dijkstra, 2007. Female © Warwick Tarboton

Map citation: Clausnitzer, V., K.-D.B. Dijkstra, R. Koch, J.-P. Boudot, W.R.T. Darwall, J. Kipping, B. Samraoui, M.J. Samways, J.P. Simaika & F. Suhling, 2012. Focus on African Freshwaters: hotspots of dragonfly diversity and conservation concern. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 10: 129-134.


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Citation: Dijkstra, K.-D.B (editor). African Dragonflies and Damselflies Online. [2024-07-25].