Phyllomacromia unifasciata (Fraser, 1954)
Golden-eyed Cruiser

Type locality: PN Upemba, Mubale R., DRC


Male is similar to P. seydeli by (a) size, Hw 38-43 mm; (b) thorax with single bold stripe on each side (through metastigma); (c) hamule with short hook; (d) border of genital fossa not hollowed out, running straight into border of genital lobe; (e) Abd marked differently; (f) dorsum of S10 with peak bearing cone; (g) cerci abruptly widened at base, resulting in subbasal ventral angle or tooth, weakly sinuous, tips blunt and rather parallel; epiproct with wide, roundly excavated apex. However, differs by (1) antealar sinus pale, rather than black; (2) wing bases clear, rather than narrowly brown; (3) membranule whitish, rather than blackish; (4) Abd black marked with yellow, S7-10 red-brown, S7 with yellow basal ring- rather than all black. [Adapted from Dijkstra & Clausnitzer 2014; this diagnosis not yet verified by author]

Habitat description

Rivers and streams shaded by gallery forest. Often with coarse detritus and a gravelly and/or sandy bottom. From 1100 to 1500 m above sea level, but possibly down to 600.


confirmed: Angola; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Zambia

Appendages (dorsal view)

Appendages (lateral view)

Abdominal segment 2 (lateral view)

Map citation: Clausnitzer, V., K.-D.B. Dijkstra, R. Koch, J.-P. Boudot, W.R.T. Darwall, J. Kipping, B. Samraoui, M.J. Samways, J.P. Simaika & F. Suhling, 2012. Focus on African Freshwaters: hotspots of dragonfly diversity and conservation concern. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 10: 129-134.


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Citation: Dijkstra, K.-D.B (editor). African Dragonflies and Damselflies Online. [2024-07-20].